Get a list of checked checkboxes in a div using jQuery

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<div id="checkboxes">
    <input id="chkbx_0" type="checkbox" value="c_n_0" name="c_n_0" checked="checked" />Option 1
    <input id="chkbx_1" type="checkbox" value="c_n_1" name="c_n_1" checked="checked" />Option 2
    <input id="chkbx_2" type="checkbox" value="c_n_2" name="c_n_2" />Option 3
    <input id="chkbx_3" type="checkbox" value="c_n_3" name="c_n_3" checked="checked" />Option 4

#Here is the jQuery Needed

var selected = [];
$('#checkboxes input:checked').each(function() {
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